Oakland Financial Report
Saturday, 10/25/2007
CategoryThis YearLast Year  
Fan Interest100 / 100   
Attendance / Game37,57033,776  
Attendance Revenue$37,558,977$32,830,008  
Revenue / Game$463,691$405,309  
Broadcating Revenue$39,000,000$39,000,000  
Local TV Deal$24,000,000   
National TV Deal$15,000,000   
Merchandising Revenue$8,480,609$8,377,023  
Play-Offs Revenue$5,277,145$4,831,063  
Attendance Revenue$37,558,977$37,558,977  
Total Revenue$90,316,731$85,038,094  
Total Player Expenses$87,147,842$86,977,100  
Total +/-$3,168,889$-1,939,006  
Ticket Price$16   
$$ left for Extensions$0   
$$ left for Free Agents$0   

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