Tampa Bay Financial Report
Tuesday, 10/28/2010
CategoryThis YearLast Year  
Fan Interest86 / 100   
Attendance / Game40,77037,050  
Attendance Revenue$33,023,430$30,010,230  
Revenue / Game$407,697$370,497  
Broadcating Revenue$45,000,000$45,000,000  
Local TV Deal$24,000,000   
National TV Deal$21,000,000   
Merchandising Revenue$5,275,318$5,169,323  
Play-Offs Revenue$6,644,520$1,869,983  
Attendance Revenue$33,023,430$33,023,430  
Total Revenue$89,943,268$82,049,536  
Total Player Expenses$76,491,769$73,783,250  
Total +/-$13,451,499$8,266,286  
Ticket Price$10   
$$ left for Extensions$5,741,087   
$$ left for Free Agents$1,820,610   

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