Tampa Bay Salary Report
Tuesday, 10/28/2010
Player Salaries:
NamePosSalaryThroughYears LeftNotesYears in Majors
T. HudsonSP$7,750,00020112 years left11 years
M. Sweeney1B$7,700,00020112 years left15 years
J. RheineckerSP$7,321,42920101 years leftExtension signed.6 years
J. IsringhausenCL$7,200,00020101 years leftFree agent after this season!14 years
C. GuzmanSS$7,000,00020123 years left10 years
M. BowieMR$6,000,00020101 years leftFree agent after this season!9 years
K. BensonMR$5,000,00020112 years left10 years
J. Spurlin3B$4,064,28620101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $3,830,000)4 years
M. Derosa2B$4,000,00020101 years leftFree agent after this season!11 years
E. ByrnesRF$3,750,00020101 years leftFree agent after this season!10 years
G. GarciaSP$3,257,14320101 years leftExtension signed.5 years
B. SeaySP$3,185,00020101 years leftExtension signed.8 years
M. PerezC $2,078,57120101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $2,930,000)4 years
M. GossCF$1,985,71420101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,160,000), could become Free Agent with 146 more days of service this year.5 years
A. Huff1B$1,590,00020123 years left10 years
T. HallC $1,500,00020101 years leftFree agent after this season!9 years
M. WanamakerMR$1,085,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,290,000), could become Free Agent with 172 more days of service this year.5 years
C. ValderramaLF$750,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,610,000)4 years
S. StanleyCF$350,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $440,000), could become Free Agent with 20 more days of service this year.5 years
J. Cantu3B$300,00020101 years leftPossible Arbitration, 106 more days of service needed this year.2 years
J. DuboisRF$300,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $520,000)3 years
J. GathrightLF$300,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,710,000)3 years
J. SwitzerMR$300,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,450,000)3 years
J. StandridgeMR$300,00020101 years leftPossible Arbitration, 123 more days of service needed this year.2 years
W. BankstonRF$300,00020101 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
J. WylieMR$300,00020101 years leftArbitration (Estimate: $1,690,000)3 years
T. Foerster1B$300,00020101 years leftAutomatic Resign.1 years
N. LeeC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
R. TyusLFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
A. BenningfieldMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
G. HaydelSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
S. OrtizSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. NegreteCLMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. DetwilerSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. LittleSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. ArambolesSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
R. ChapaC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
S. Stahl1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
R. BloodworthMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
B. ReyesMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. GirardeauSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. LubanskiRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. GarlandMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. McInturffMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. WickhamMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. HopkinsMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. ChristianCLMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. EspitiaCFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. Teahen1BMinor-League-Contract--2 years
J. DuchschererMRMinor-League-Contract--3 years
R. HollenRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
E. DukesCFMinor-League-Contract--1 years
J. Galaz2BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
P. SilvermanSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. FriskMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
T. Bourland3BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
C. GaudinSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
R. LopezSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
R. OcallaghanSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. WaechterSPMinor-League-Contract--1 years
B. SmithC Minor-League-Contract--0 years
L. Efird1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. JamesMRMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. ParkerMRMinor-League-Contract--1 years
A. ClarkLFMinor-League-Contract--1 years
E. Gonzalez3BMinor-League-Contract--1 years
P. Fitzgerald1BMinor-League-Contract--0 years
M. MosesSSMinor-League-Contract--0 years
F. Neth2BMinor-League-Contract--1 years
F. BernalSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
D. BardSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
J. BarthmaierSPMinor-League-Contract--0 years
L. WildeRFMinor-League-Contract--0 years
Extensions signed:
J. RheineckerSP$15,000,0003 
G. GarciaSP$2,500,0003 
B. SeaySP$12,000,0004 

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