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Stat Geeks Regulations
Owner Responsibility
  • You must own OOTP6.12 or 6.5 and update it as new patches come out.
  • Export a lineup every sim you can, whether there are changes or not.
  • It is mandatory that you sign up for the forums as much of our communications will be there.
  • Respect others in all manners, including replying to all trade offers no matter how ridiculous.
  • AOL Instant Messager (AIM) is highly recommended, but we do use our own Chat Room virtually every sim!
  • No cheating. Any cheating, no matter how minimal will be grounds for immediate removal. If there is anything that sets off a red flag in your head, please ask me. This includes manipulating the salary system in arbitration by changing a SP to MR or a closer to MR, or a position player to DH to avoid paying his due contract. I'm available for any questions.
Commissioner Responsibility
  • Keep owners abreast of all happenings in the league.
  • Be punctual with all sims, updates, files, HTML's, etc.
  • Become involved only as the situation dictates.
  • Fairly assess and judge.
League Settings
  • Simulation Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings 7pm pst. Click on the "Chat" link to join the sim live.
  • Sims will run 7 days, 8 days, 7 days, 8 days.
  • The Commissioner will NOT be running a team.
  • Roster set used is Rocco's Trade Deadline with injuries reset. All transactions through the end of the 2003 MLB season updated.
  • ALL OOTP6 Settings can be found HERE!
  • Salary Cap $90,000,000. If a team does not meet these demands players will be randomly removed into Free Agency to be bid upon until the cap is met.
  • Since the game engine only handles cash negatives of $5M we manually keep track of amounts in excess of this.
  • New owners taking over teams with a negative cash amount will have the debt erased after the season is turned over.
  • 25 players must be kept on the roster at all times.
  • At the major league level a player must have a Catcher rating to play there. All other positions, and in the minor leagues you can do as you wish. I think the game engine handles that just fine.
  • There is a maximum of 100 total players allowed on a team. If the amount exceeds this and nothing is done after I notify the team, players will be randomly removed.
  • Owners may release players on their own after Spring Training. Prior to that all releases are done through the forums.
  • All extensions are done through me via the forums and AIM. No contracts longer than 7 years can be offered at any time.
  • Extensions are only done prior to importing lineups each sim. No "right click" extensions allowed.
  • If a player is traded, and the trading team does not want to offer an extension for whatever reason, he must then be added to his new team before extensions can be offered.
Pre-Season Amateur Draft
  • 6 rounds held June 1st.
  • You will draft rounds 1-3 and the computer will draft 4-6. If the draft goes quick, you'll continue drafting if I feel a full round can get done.
  • There will be 18 hours between picks in the 1st round, 12 hours between picks in rounds 2-6, otherwise I'll have the computer choose for you.
  • Notify the next drafting team via email or AIM after you have picked.
  • Feel free to submit a list to me. I will use it all the way through the draft.
  • The draft will be run on the forum boards starting when the season does.
  • A list of amateurs can be found on the reports page. You can then enter the player's name in the game player search if you'd like to take a better look.
  • There is a draft lottery for the teams with picks 1-7. This only effects the first round.
In Season Free Agency
  • All in-season Free Agents must be offered a contract of at least their demands.
  • These contracts cannot exceed one year.
  • From $300,000-$1,000,000 You may bid against one another for free agents in minimum increments of $100,000. From $1,000,001-up the minimum increments are $300,000
  • The bidding concludes when 24 hours pass from the last bid or if all teams that have made an offer cede to the top bidder and 24 hours have passed.
  • You may only have 3 active bids on free agents at any time. If you stop bidding on a player after being outbid, note it on the post, and you can bid on another player.
  • Please keep in mind, depending on when you bid, it may take more than one sim for a free agent to be signed.
  • Do not edit your bids in Free Agency or Waivers on the forums. Otherwise I'll consider all bids null and you will be fined depending on the edit.
Off Season Free Agency
  • Offers will be exported via the Free Agency FTP in the game engine.
  • Free Agency will be run every day in this format. 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-22, 23-30.
  • You cannot trade a player you sign until July 1st.
Waivers and Releases
  • You may use the game engine to move players up and down from the minors.
  • Starting in 2013 we are using the OOTP Game Engine exclusively to run waivers
  • The Format is still being voted on. It will either be a 3 sim format allowing the pullback of a player, or a 2 sim format to make things quicker and not allowing a player to be pulled back.
Designated For Assignment
  • Turned on for 21 or 28 days, it is still part of the vote. This gives the owner 2 or 3 sims to move the player as he/she wishes.
  • If a player runs down to 0 days it holds up the sim. Repercussions of this are: The player will try to be moved by the Commissioner to AAA. If the player has a big league contract he will have to be added to the 40-man roster first. If the 40 man roster is full or the player declines the move to AAA, he will be released at the owner's expense.
Spring Training
  • You may notify me to "ask coaches" for your ST plan.
  • You may notify me to leave defaults for your ST plan.
  • The recommended way is obviously to adjust all the settings to your liking. OOTP6 finally offers the option to export your ST plan to FTP. This is the plan of choice!
  • Draft picks are tradable 2 years in advance, meaning the current and following years only.
  • Cash is tradable at a maximum of $10 million.
  • A player from both sides must be involved. No more than five players per each one from the other side.
  • Please respect each other's intellect.
  • Respond to all offers, a simple "not interested" or "no thanks" is quick and easy!
  • Both teams must post to ratify the trade.
  • There is a "player must pass physical" rule. If a player is injured longer than 1 week, or longer than 2 weeks dtd during the sim, both teams must re-confirm the trade.
Stadium Renovations
  • Only done in the off season.
  • $1,000,000 per 1000 seats up to 50,000
  • $2,000,000 per 1000 seats from 50,001-70,000
  • 70,000 is max capacity
  • $3,000,000 to adjust stadium ratings a total of 5 points in one or multiple categories.
  • $5,000,000 to adjust stadium ratings a total of 10 points in one or multiple categories. No more than 10 points can be done.
  • Seats can be purchased annually.
  • Whether it's 5 or 10 points, rating adjustments can be done every 3 years.
New Stadium
  • Purchased in the off season, construction takes one year.
  • 40,000 capacity grass field stadium cost is $25,000,000. +10 fan interest at the time of purchase. +5 fan interest when you move into the stadium.
  • Seats cost half as much as the renovation prices.
  • Permanent Roof cost is $2,000,000. No change in fan interest.
  • Retractable Roof cost is $4,000,000. +2 fan interest.
  • Artificial Turf cost is $2,000,000. No change in fan interest.
  • You set your stadium ratings upon purchase.
  • Payment must be a minimum of 20% down, and paid in full in six years time. Each year following that you're not paid in full results in being penalized from signing free agents.
  • Name it as you wish, or sell the rights to whomever you'd like for $5,000,000. The name remains permanent if the rights are sold.
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